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Aliyar Dam is a reservoir located 27 km away from Pollachi on the foothills of Valparai in the Anamalai range of the Western Ghats. The dam offers some ideal getaways including a park, an aquarium and a mini theme park maintained by Tamilnadu Fisheries Corporation. It is an ideal picnic spot.

Monkey Falls is located at the 29th km junction on the Pollachi-Valparai road. An entry fee of INR 15 per head must be paid at the check post located along Aliyar - Monkey Falls route.

Is a beautiful view point from where you can see Aliyar Dam, the surrounding mountains of Western Ghats and the Pollachi town. This is situated in 9th hairpin bend towards Valparai from Pollachi.

From here you can see Upper Aliyar reservoir.

Balaji temple is owned by the Peria Karamalai Tea Industries, situated in Karamalai. It is a very famous and beautiful temple situated at a distance of 10kms from Valparai town.

Chitti Vinayagar Temple is owned by Jayshree Tea Industries, Sholayar. The temple is situated in a beautiful garden environment and is at a distance of 5 km from Valparai town.

Vellankanni Matha Festival takes on September 8th every year. New church was built in the year 2003. This is a place to experience and enjoy a spiritual peaceful environment. Many people visit this church daily. It is situated at a distance of 10kms from Valparai town.

It is the second deepest dam of Asia. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from Valparai town. It attracts a lot of tourists and is a very beautiful place to visit.

This dam is built for multipurpose project such as irrigation, hydro electricity production. The dam is situated in a wonderful location covered by a dense shola forest. There is a waterfall near by the dam which is awesome to look at. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Valparai town.

Chinnakallar is a geographically important place. This area has been recorded as having the second highest rainfall in India and is also called the Cherrapunji of South India. Always found wet and misty. A greenish dense forest with tall majestic trees all along the road to Chinnakallar is a pleasure to enjoy. There is a falls in Chinnakallar which sounds like a roaring lion. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Valparai town.

A beautiful view point located near the Sangiliroad in Valparai. One must walk for about 1 km inside the tea estate to reach this view point.

This is also a beautiful view point nearby Sangiliroad close to Valparai town.

It is a part of Anamalai Tiger Reserve. It is surrounded by a green grass environment.
It is a beautiful site of high green grasses on a mountain slope, which is a protected area. Visitors have to obtain permission from the wildlife warden to enter the Grass Hills. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Valparai town. Grass hills is a picturesque spot located in the Valparai hills range, at a height of approximately 2400 ft msl, with cool climate getting cooler at night, a part of Anamalai Tiger Reserve. Right now all efforts are being undertaken by the government to preserve the flora and fauna of this location. Nilgiri Thar is native of this place apart from Elephants, Bison, Indian Gaur, Bear, Nilgiri Langur etc. and a wide variety of birds including Hornbills.

This is a beautiful place to visit. Prior permission from the forest department is necessary to visit this place.

It is near to the entrance of the Sholayar range which is a place of great scenic beauty. Here the water plunges from a height of nearly 80 feet before joining the Chalakudi River. This picturesque spot is adjacent to dense green forest, and is a part of Chalakudi River, 80 Km from Valparai towards Chalakudi, Kerala.

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